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i-Fit Group is an accredited workplace rehabilitation, return to work and injury management provider.

Our Allied Health Professionals are highly trained and skilled, ensuring they provide a service which is client-centric, this is achieved through tailored and collaborated solutions. We can connect you to the best Workcover doctors and specialists available in your area.

Our objective is to ensure wellness, health, and recovery at work. We offer:

  • Ergonomics
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Mental Health Training
  • Health Awarenss Workshops
  • Strengthening & Fitness Programs
  • Manaul Handling
  • Career Coaching
  • WorkCover Doctor Referrals
  • Return to Work Services
  • WorkCover and Worker's Compensation Services
  • CTP Services
  • Treatment

Return to Work

We offer a multitude of or rehabilitation and workcover services including:

Early Intervention Programs to manage injuries

We offer tailored early intervention programs to manage injuries and prevent re-injury. These can be personalised for the individual, the company or the role.

Medical Case Conferences

We organise regular meetings with your i-Fit rehab consultant and treating Workcover doctor to discuss treatment progress and ensure your recovery and return to work plan is on track.

Workplace Assessments

Our rehab consultants can assess your usual duties and the physical demands of your role in order to determine your goals and strategy to return to work. These assessments include a report with findings and recommendations.

Ergonomic Assessments

We provide evaluation of an employee’s workstation with recommendations for any modifications and required equipment to ensure the employee can physically and comfortable perform their duties.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) & Home Assessments

Our occupational therapists can perform an assessment of your functional performance around your home environment, analysing personal, self-care, domestic and general home maintenance activities.

Job Seeking Services

We offer job seeking services with our employment consultant, if required. We offer help on writing a resume & cover letter, applying for jobs, prepping for an interview and more.

Functional Assessments

Our Workcover and rehab specialists can examine your level of function and ability to perform specific tasks. We take into consideration past clinical history, range of movements required and safety.

Psychological Functional Assessments

Similar to a physical functional assessment, we can also measure your psychological function to perform certain duties or return to work depending on your mental and emotional capacity.

Vocational Assessment

If your injury does not allow you to go back to your usual role, we conduct an interview with you to review your transferable skills to determine appropriate vocational options.

Work Capacity Assessment

Our WorkCover specialists and rehab consultants can perform a comprehensive analysis of injured worker’s capacity to perform a job in so work capacity decisions can be made.

Risk & Task Analysis Assessments

Our Workcover team can assess risk associated with particular tasks of a job in accordance with legislation.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling accounts for 33% of injury claims. Our rehab consultants provide engaging manual handling training to encourage and enforce safe work practices to mitigate risks.

  • Return to work with the same employer
  • Severe injury rehabilitation and support
  • Work readiness, goal setting and upgrading programs
  • Vocational assessment, job seeking and return to work with a new employer
  • Functional Capacity Assessments, if required
  • Goal setting, measurement of progress and delivery of real results
  • Exercise physiology
  • Counselling
  • Speech Therapy

Our Rehab

We are a rehab service provider that takes pride in our commitment to our clients. We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality rehab, WorkCover, worker's compensation, CTP, return to work, and treatment services.
Client-centred Approach

Client-centred Approach

We understand that each individual is different so we personalise assessment and treatment for your unique case and goals.

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

We offer a wide range of WorkCover, CTP, return to work, worker's compensation, treatment and rehab services for prevention, early intervention, injury management & return to work cases.

Professionals that Care

Professionals that Care

All our rehab consultants & therapists are qualified WorkCover allied health professionals, dedicated to providing you with the best care to help you achieve your goals.



From the start, we assess your individual circumstances and needs to develop personalised strategies. We are committed to facilitating the earliest safe, medically appropriate and sustainable return to work.

Efficient & Effective Communication

Efficient & Effective Communication

We pride ourselves on our efficient and effective communication. We keep you in the loop and provide consistent and relevant updates for any concerns.

Great Industry Relationships

Great Industry Relationships

We have great industry relationships and can connect you to the best WorkCover insurance companies, medical centres, WorkCover doctors and other medical professionals.

Multi-disciplinary Team

Multi-disciplinary Team

Our team is one of our greatest strengths. Our rehab consultants & WorkCover specialists collaborate to ensure you receive the best treatment outcomes.

We Come To You

We Come To You

We offer mobile services for your convenience. Our rehab consultants and WorkCover specialists can come to where you live or work.